At U.S. Connections, your goals are our goals. We’re founded on a simple principle—your manufacturing needs should be met with a team who has extensive knowledge, years of experience and with an aim at cost efficiency. We make the process of manufacturing simple through our cultivated relationships worldwide. When it comes to the ‘Who, What, and Where?’, we have the answers due to our team’s expertise, which includes:

Corporate Staff

All of U.S. Connections’ corporate staff are there from start to finish making sure that the day-to-day operations run smoothly and efficiently with our U.S. firms. We don’t anticipate problems, but are always ready and expertly equipped to handle them, hands-on, if they arise–this mean investigating the root cause and using our acquired acumen to ensure future prevention.

In addition our ISO Inspectors continue our intensive knowledge and relationships with firms worldwide. They know the ins, outs, and capabilities of each firm in depth, so U.S. Connections can give the most detailed, precise answers to your manufacturing needs.

What We Do

We apply our impeccable manufacturing knowledge, quality service and reliable sourcing expertise to your needs. We do this by relying on our team’s unparalleled ability in navigating and bridging cultural contrasts in order to build lasting, beneficial connections between high quality, low cost international sources and US-based manufacturing buyers.

By locating high-quality manufacturing sources worldwide, we can save between 30% and 60% for U.S. manufacturing buyers. As that relationship grows, through trust, quality and efficiency there is confidence between both business parties, which enables future successes, and a mutually-beneficial and financially-lucrative environment for both.

We Take the Fear and Uncertainty out of Purchasing Worldwide

What deters most U.S. manufacturing buyers from sourcing outside the U.S. is the fear of risk due to many false notions regarding outsourcing including cultural barriers, miscommunication and quality assurance. Our vendor’s facilities, standards and production practices are streamlined and exceed the quality of several other national standards. U.S. purchasers are only a percentage of the world that are recognizing the quality and financial benefits of outsourcing. Due to our familiarity and positive reputation with an array of manufacturers worldwide, we have supreme knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of each and will honestly relay that information to you. You can make your decision without any pressure; we protect your identity and information until you decide you’re ready for an introduction with the source you choose.

We continue to eliminate fear and risk by helping establish a relationship, not merely a connection between both parties once an introduction is made. We are present throughout the process. We know you can’t be there, so we will be there for you. Our team members personally visit producers worldwide and regularly test manufactured products with our objectives, independent test lab to a high extent to ensure effectiveness and safety. Your reputation is as important to us as ours. Through this, we help instill confidence in quality while relieving the high cost of Machined Parts, Castings, Gears, Tubes and other assembled product needs.

We offer a No Cost Upfront opportunity for you to send us your projected material and allow us to research how to best meet your manufacturing needs. And while we aim to communicate any needs throughout the process, should your order not meet your initially printed specifications, you will not be charged.

You have nothing to lose in your purchasing concerns and everything to gain in your production needs.